Just in case things are wonky

This isnt a real post – just to say, weve had to update the version of wordpress I was using in order to get rid of some nasty spam things hiding in my site (ooooh that makes me mad. Im not bloody getting paid for this site, why should some evil drug and porn purveyors be able to hitchhike on my site secretly so that, through google-juice and things, THEY make money out of it? Bastardos.) so anyway.

If you happen to be clicking around and anything is rendering weirdly, or things are appearing that you arent expecting, can you tell me in the comments? Nothing SHOULD look different, or read differently (its still me)(hello) but if anything does, then, you know, do say.

I need to write some kind of summary of being 30. Hang on, Ill go away and get on to that.