30: a user review

I have been using the 30 for a year now. While I was quite nervous about upgrading from the 29, as Id heard it was quite a leap from that to the 30, I can reassure anyone thinking of making the upgrade that there is a barely perceptible difference in day-to-day usability of the product, and that, in fact, I am in the process of upgrading to the 31 model (which hopefully should be arriving tomorrow!) and am hoping to get as much productivity and joy out of the 31 as I did out of the 30.

Some things that people considering investing in the 30 should consider:

– the model seems to bring with it some kind of bug that multiplies instance of white hair discovery experienced by the user.

– There is considerably less alcohol capacity in the 30 than there were in much earlier models, such as the 19 and the 24, but other software improvements make up for this.

– the possibility of suddenly leaving your job and ding some kind of crazy freelance shit for apparently no reason and on very little warning at all is, apparently, something that might happen, and users might want to budget in advance for the therapy bills that might result from this kind of complete soft and hardware revamp this requires.

– There may be kittens.

Overall though, if current users of the 29 are unsure and slightly unwilling about the need to upgrade from their 29 to the much maligned 30, I would recommend that they take the plunge, because it is alright. It is. Alright.

Now, as I say, tomorrow I am waiting on the delivery of my 31 so I will let you know how that goes.