From Boston: Bad people eating burritos and talking about dead babies in a park

(Im not still in Boston, btw. As discussed here)

[We are sitting on a bench eating healthy burritos out of their silver wrappers and talking about the need to having a good burrito shop in Brighton and whether we should open one. We notice there is some kind of organised crowd heading toward us, and study them munchily.]

Bad person 1: Theyre not going to give us any leaflets, are they? I dont want any leaflets.

Bad person 2: Well just scowl at their leaflets. Well just say no thank you to any leaflets.

Bad person 1: What are they doing, anyway?

BP 2: It says [squints at large sign being carried by people…] they are doing a 6k stroll.

BP 1: Oh. Nice.

BP 2: Wait A 6k stroll For The Prevention of Shaken Babies

BP 1: Oh. [munch munch munch]

BP 2: [munch munch munch]

BP 1: How does that work? The prevention, I mean.

BP 2: Well, I assume that while they are out here strolling, they cannot be somewhere else shaking a baby. Maybe.

BP 1: Yes. That is logical. Also I suppose it had to be a stroll rather than a run because some of them have brought their babies.

BP 2: Oh yes.

BP 1: So if they were to move any faster I think they would probably end up shaking the babies. By mistake.

BP 2: Well that would be very counter productive, yes.

BP 1: Yes. [Munch munch munch]

BP 2: [munch munch munch] Yes.

BP 1: Oh no. There is a leaflet woman coming over. Shall we run away?

BP 2: No that is not necessary. We will just tell her we are already supporters of the cause.

BP 1: We are?

BP 2: Yes. We will tell her that we, like they, also vastly prefer them stirred.

[The bad people giggle into the very end of their burritos before walking, hand-in-hand, into the bad-person-sunset]