Shouting into the void

I know there are SOME of you out there, hello, how are you, thank you so much for your assiduous attentionings.

BUT it has been been brought to my attention several time over the last few days that due to some complex RSS reasons, some people have been completely unaware that this site is still going. I dont know what an RSS feed IS exactly, or how it works, but in this case it doesnt, so its a bit of an academic question.

They keep saying things like Oh! I hadnt realised you were still writing this site, I have two months of archives to catch up on! Well, be aware: unless I say I am going to stop, I am not going to stop. Unless I have been unfathomingly busy or unbearably glum, I havent, I think, gone more than a week or ten days without updating this site ever. Nor will I.

So just because you havent spotted me on your RSS feed lately – and everyone seems to do their reading of blogs by RSS these day (myself included, which is why I am so bad at commenting) – I have not stopped, I am still here, plugging away like always.

Of course, the only people I actually want to read this particular post cant, because they havent got me on their rss feed, and havent thought to look at the site because why would you if someone stopped blogging?

Im not asking those of you who do know Im here to post yourself and remind people that I am – I know I have not been community minded of late, getting in a tizzy about blogrolls and taking a bloody long time to update and reinstate my own because I am too busy just reading them from Google Reader thing But just, you know, if anyone ever says to you I wonder what happened to that Anna girl who used to write little red boat? in a wistful or mocking or irritated way, could you possibly point out to them that Im still bloody writing it?

In the meantime Ill try and get back to figuring out what happened to my RSS feed and reinstating it. Well I say I. I clearly mean I will get someone else to