Photo Phursday: O Tell Me – Where Should The General Hookers Go?


This is a picture I took outside the Massachusetts State House, which is one of those big official government buildings.

It is in Boston.

As you can see, they are helpfully pointing out the official entrance for General Hookers, which is useful, because we all know how much politicians of all nations do like their prostitutes – both the high class and other kinds.

I think it is clearly the sign of a civilised country that they take these very well-publicised dalliances seriously, and treat them in a grown-up, transparent manner.

You will note, however, that this sign is only pointing out where one might find the entrance for general hookers.

It is not specified where the entrance for Specialised Hookers might be. I think we can safely assume it to be round the back.

[The other suggestion is that this named after a military man with a vaguely suggestive name. I think we can agree that this is clearly ridiculous.]