By the way

I have always, on here, been very overt about my love of birthdays and of presents


This year, by a weird combination of depression, busyness and other factors, I have cared little about my birthday at all. I dont care about having one, about marking it, about anyone else taking any notice.

But still. It would be a shame to break with tradition. And previously, I have always loved birthdays, and always suggested this as a time in which you could, if you wanted, tip me for this blog – for which I have never sought publication, advertising or payment, because it is my baby, my labour of love. But people asked, so I have put my wishlist over there on my sidebar. Just in case.

I dont care if you dont. Thats what labour of love means. And also, Im really not feeling the birthday thing this year. Id like to postpone it, just a month or two. But apparently you cant. So there you have it. Tradition; both my having birthdays, and people maybe giving me stuff on them. Tradition.