Like a pen tidy, but for my mind

I have developed a need to write lists. Whether it is because I am becoming older and more stupid, or because my life has become less ordered and I am slowly realising that if I dont impose some order upon it, it just balls up into an enormous mass of fuckinghell! with added shards of whatwhatwhat? and rolls around my head banging into things, I am not sure.

Actually Im pretty sure its the latter, as I definitely *AM* getting older (I have to keep reminding myself that its my birthday in a couple of weeks. Pretty soon Im going to have to put it on a to do list, otherwise Ill not be able to make time for it at all)

Anyway. I thought I should organise the things in my head that Ive been wanting to blog, because otherwise Ill not get around to it. And then I thought if I did it out loud, I would be able to remember AND it would provide some content automatically, and you would know that I wasnt dead, and this would stab several birds in the face in one go.

I have been meaning to blog all week, but I have had an – I was going to say unusually busy, but its becoming less unusual as spring rolls on and I get use of my full brain back – a busy busy week, between deconstructing classic music videos of the big hair rock genre and things about certain apprentice-basedtelevision shows and other television things and my home town and where to eat there and some kind of election yesterday that I didnt even get to vote in among assorted other things.

But just to say I am now back from Boston – since Monday, in fact – but that there were lots of posts that I wrote in my head while there but havent had time to sit down and type but plan on doing this weekend. So just, you know, dont get confused if I write about being in Boston, because Im not actually THERE still, but the posts are. Kind of. Anyway. I will here write a to do list of these posts using words that remind me what they were, which may not be done in this order – because that is not how to do lists work – and may also not be as exciting as they sound.

TO DO LIST: Boston posts for lrb

1) Whores
2) Booze
3) Dead Babies
4) Crack and why it is great.
5) RAT!

And then I will go back to the titles that people suggested.

Good. That is a plan.

Well done me.