I have about fifteen things on draft, you know

I just never bloody Finish anything.

I will, I promise, finish some of these, including the story of how I got brainwashed by an all-powerful government but didnt get any chocolates, yesterday; my current battle with ebay addiction (and shoes); something about the gym; something about being lonely and making friends as a grown up in a new place; something about letters in local newspapers, and something about why I have decided we might move to Brighton. I think that one be passed its sell-by a little, seeing as weve been here about two years, and the drafts been here longer.

But I have serious horrid horrid confidence-related blocky problems at the moment, so wanted to ask for your help.

In the meantime, I would like, if possible, for some titles of posts to be suggested – every post has a title, and Im ljust thinking that maybe if the titles are given to me, I can get over this really really stupid writers block I have at the moment and just write something to fit the title.

They can be as whimsical or as direct or as obscure or as suggestive as they like – I may not do with the title what you intend, of course, but thats my prerogative – or as silly or as sensible sounding – just titles that I can put at the top of the post and then write about.

So, you know, tiles, anything you like. (Though Id prefer if they werent horrid and mean and things like Why I Used to Be Quite Good At Blogging But Arent Any More because that wont be fun to write).

Would that be ok, do you think? Could you give me a title? Please?