Blowing of the trumpet that is mine, by me


Hello. As some people mentioned in the comment box below, I was filling in on holiday cover for one of the regular columnists in the Weekend magazine of the Guardian today.

I am most proud of this – its where I eventually want to get to, and being asked to fill in for someone is a damned good start. I hate the photo, of course, because I hate ALL photos of me, generally. But I dont care in this instance, because Im so damned proud of myself. You will notice, particularly if you happened upon it in the magazine itself, that I am wearing a particularly odd pair of sparkly silver princess slippers. This is because I am, at heart, a seven-year-old who likes playing dressing-up.

If you read it already, yay, I hope you liked it – it drew on some material from this here blog, because a) it was short notice

b) I put all my best stories on this blog, so its a bit inevitable and
c) Fuck all of any interest has happened to me lately.

If you didnt read it already, or happen to be in the wrong country, you can also find it here.


Now I will get on with finishing answering those damned questions, yes.

Later Oh thank fuck, Ive actually finished them. Phew. I always forget how long those things take Anyway, thank you, and phew. Done.