Fairies! Not only do they exist, but they also take pictures! -UPDATED!

You remember those fairy pictures that those little girls took in the late 1800s at some point?
I mean, Im not suggesting youre dead old, youre not, of course, youre not only young, but you look ten years young, is that a new haircut? Anyway. This is just like that, right, except current (well, June) and MUCH MORE AMAZING.

Look! This man is taking pictures of a floating fairy in front of the louvre! Dan Brown was right after all!


If you look very carefully, it is possible to see both pointy ears AND wings, and maybe a pet butterfly on a string wearing a flower petal for a hat. The fairy is clearly herself taking a photo, perhaps with a camera made of dew and spidersilk, of the very man taking her picture. Even fairies do it.

Anyway. Here I am presenting you with the raw, untouched, indefatigable proof of fairy-existence, and cannot by accused of charlatanism by Houdini or his modern equivalent (Derren Brown) at a later date. But I will do some work on photoshop for you tomorrow, for those of you who might seek to disprove my discovery by use of words like perspective or over there or idiot.

And when I have finished clarifying the finer more difficult to see parts of the photo like they might on a US crime show like CSI or something, you will see that I am right, and that fairies not only exist, but that I, Anna Pickard, have discovered them.

It is a miracle of modern science!


You see!


Having been sharpened by the magic eyes of scientific computers, it is perfectly obvious! He is taking a picture of a tiny tiny fairy, floating before his very eyes! Magic! Its almost hard to believe, but science says it is so, therefore it must be so!


If anyone else has any forensic photoediting equipment, as the lovely mjb does please do feel free to share the results of your computations proving the existence of fairies from this already extraordinary photograph, please feel free to share them with us, either through the magic of flickr, or you can email them. My email address is on the side (unless you work in PR), just make sure to remove the bit in capital letters from the address.

Yay! Fairies!

Right. Now, back to working on my special 2007 round up