The internet, its just GREAT, isnt it?

For oh just *so* many reasons. I mean, there are lots of reasons why it arent – and do remind me I was going to say something else about viral marketing blog PRs – but there are also lots of reason why there are, and that, my friends, is what makes all this worth it and everything else simply WRONG, with a capital R. That doesnt really work in text, does it? Bother. Imagine I was saying that out loud. In fact, I just did. Did that help? Excellent.

Youll have to excuse me, I was going to sit here and carefully structure a nice little post here, but I seem just to be having a chat instead. That is also fine.

So yes: Why the internet is just GREAT.

Well, apart from the fact it just is, obv, and apart from the fact that you must be on it, because youre reading this, and YOURE great (obv) well, there are, as stated above, just so many reasons.

Like, say, if you suddenly got it into your head to go on a bit of a train journey on some other continent at some point – not that I am necessarily, this is just an example I am pulling out of the air – you can just, within seconds, look up the timetables and the fares and BAM! Mentally, you are on that train, chuffing through a foreign countryside and yes, of course its all going to be complete bollocks – its rail travel, no ones expecting that information to be entirely correct, but at least its a gesture. And thats further than one might get without the internet at 10pm on a Thursday night, isnt it?

Another reason: just the amount of stuff thats out there.

Example: we were talking about pizza. Again. This time, we were having conversation about the nicest pizza we had ever eaten – and though it is not my favourite-favourite, I do have a soft spot in my heart for a pizzeria in California, mainly because I had a lot of it. So possibly a soft spot in my heart and a hard spot in my arteries. Whatever.

I was in California for a couple of months in my second year of my first degree (HA! Sorry, that just sounds so damned stupid and pompous and silly) and because we were not quite 21 and many of the people we were with were – or had convincing ID – we spent a lot of time at the cinema or at the pizzeria or at home studying our lines and watching television and eating delivery pizza.

Whatever – it was damn good pizza. So every now and again I like to go and look it up and read through their menu and see if theyve extended their delivery zone to cover South East England yet. They havent, apparently.

Anyway, last time I was there, gazing at the pizzas, I took some time to find out all about the place. And this whole story of somewhere Id frequented a few (dozen) times ten years ago made me feel all excited again about the internet – about the fact that just like there are stories barely touched on just waiting to get excavated. On the internet.

I dont even know what it was about the story. Perhaps just the aspirations about these two young restauranteurs in the mid-eighties. Or the fact they were known to all and sundry as Chuck and Chew – always in that order, please note; I think they had at least some business acumen, and could tell that the opposite way round would not a good positive mental image make for new restaurant PR.

Anyway, they already had one restuarant in place, they had picked the location, the atmosphere, the perfect decor for the the new one in this little town – hell, theyd even picked the manager. And Then They Mysteriously Died In An Aircrash Flying Down To Vegas The Week Before The Opening.

Sorry, I got a bit last week, on Murder She Wrote there. Anyway, I dont know if the new managers alibi was ever firmly established, the story kind of went off in a different direction at that point.

It was just I dont know what it was. It was just somewhat inspiring somehow. God rest the souls of Chew and Chuck for that.

Sorry, Chuck and Chew.