Kitting shiftwork

I realise I have said this isnt going to turn into a catblog (not that theres anything wrong with that, obv) and it isnt. So Im alternating between kitten and non-kitten posts.

But while theyre taking so much of my attention, they surely will appear. And then they will become – like my beloved (sorry darling) and like any children we may have (sorry, futurespawn) – merely bit part players in the blog that is, by nature of the beast, All About Me. Me me me me me. ME! Yay blogs!


Cute kitten thing of the day: They have deciphered stairs. This means that now at least some of the time they spend chasing each other around includes chasing each other either up the stairs or down the stairs. And we have several stairs. Because thats how the houses are around here.

HOWEVER. While Rabbit/Pedro/Hilary/Chicken/Pisswit is lithe and jumpy, Cat/Widget is determined but small and round with short legs.
Widget going down the stairs is the hot ticket in this town, frankly.

She can only do one at once. Because of having short legs and being round – a combination of natural build and having had worms for most of her little life.
So she drops down one step at a time – so you always have the front feet hitting, and the back feet hitting.
And with each step she seems to need to expunge a small bit of air, which produces a MEEP!, like a squeaky toy being bounced hard against the floor which, I suppose, she kind of is. And is.

Anyway, you know when Widget is coming down the stairs, because it makes a noise like this.

ThudMEEP! Thud.
ThudMEEEP! Thud.
ThudMEEP! Thud.
MEEPthud! Thud. (I dont know how that works, but take my word)
ThudMEEP! Thud.
ThudMEEP!! Thud.
ThudMEEEP! Thud.

Until she reaches the bottom, finds a set of people who have just melted from the cuteness of it all, and wanders up, sniffs them, tries to lick their puddled remains and starts purring.

Yes, I AM the owner of the two cutest beings on the planet.
Im also covered in small nicks and scratches.
Its swings and roundabouts.

NB: The next post will not be about anything feline. It will be about something Serious and Butch and Important.

Dont go.