The comment to end all comments?

Like the l*dyb*rd post I wrote about recently, I also get a slow and steady stream of comments on a post I wrote about a certain artist/walking exploitative marketing exercise I dont happen to like very much, after a news story about him behaving badly in public which I found a bit funny. I think I also mentioned this post, recently, as an xample of angry commenter types. I cannot remember. Still, todays comment is particularly special, so I dont mind mentioning it again.

Now, Ive ranted about a goodly number of things I dont like in my time, but none of those posts have ever attracted so many comments over such a long time, for some reason. Nor quite such violent ones. And I keep the comments open because, frankly, its interesting to see just how viciously passionate either side of the argument feel about this man.

No one, however, as far as I remember, has felt quite as strongly about it as this hilariously cross commenter:

You people are a bunch of sick mothers let me tell you! I wish Thomas Kinc**d could turn that wang around and piss right in all your friggin faces. What kind of sick SOBs think that wholesomeness and beauty are things to be despised? I’ll tell you what I despise – the likes of you people. I’d love to see someone pump 20 bullets right through each of your skulls and then have Kink**d piss in the holes. Now that would be a thing of beauty!

Brilliant. Im a sick motherfucker, as are all the other people who dont happen to like this artist, his ego or his art – and to state their opinion about that – whereas you, good sir, are one of the righteous, fighting for all things wholesome and beautiful through the medium of shooting people in the face and urinating in the bullet holes.