Quick update for the concerned

Those not interested in kitten based material, look away now, I promise Ill post some proper content later

She has risen! Well, not quite, but Im certainly no longer terrified that little Widget is at deaths door. Shes still very light and very tiny, gummy eyed, occasionally sneezy and not especially strong, but shes eating heartily, and has started taking herself on little wanders around the room. She has also decided that my lap is as comforting as the bed, and will walk around to the side of the sofa, sit on the pile of papers that sits there (shes nowhere near strong enough to jump up yet, unlike her brother) sits resolutely down, looks up at me with her squinty eyes half open and opens her mouth in a silent miaow. This, she realises, will cause me to lift her up and put her onto the sofa, from where she can climb onto my knee and curl up. And sneeze a couple of times, then go to sleep.

The other, who is at the moment called Pedro, is bouncing around like a little motherfucker, trying to work out when to have his claws out (according to him, pretty much most of the time is best) and when to put them in (not found an In situation yet, we think).

They are now both kicking like fury against their various ointments and creams and medicines. This is a good thing, as they were limp and floppy about it all before, which was somehow far, far worse.

So yay. KITTENS. And yes, I promise photos, Ive just left my camera somewhere. Tomorrow. It is photo phursday after all.