Ah, me and my funny funny gags about killing kittens by accident

One is bouncing about with the occasional sneeze, one is lying very poorly in her brand new bed with cat flu, both of them, say the vet, quite sick, due to being born to a stray who hadnt been immunised and then spending their first few weeks in home that cared very little for them.

Floppy and uncomfortable, Cat, (Widget as I am calling her while she is sick, for she is squidgy) is taking to my clumsy unfamiliar kitten-nursing as kindly as she can, while I am losing my fear of breaking her, in the sad knowledge she is already quite broken.

I am very worried. This does not do much to improve my anxiety about being unable to properly care for kittings. Or, you know, anything.

If anyone has any thing useful to say at this point – some kind of Oh I knew a kitting who had flu and she was all floppy and sad but then she was fine, that would be good. If you only have Oh mine had that and then died stories, like the rest of the internet, please refrain, as it does not help, overly much.

[NB: this is still not becoming a catblog, but it is sort of taking up all my attention right now. Will return to other content asap, obv]