Dear Father Christmas

It has to go down as one of the best conversations Ive heard on the train in ages.

But then, thats not saying much, as Ive only been going ON the train twice a week or so. But its still pretty impressive.

There was a boy of about 7, and a girl of about 8, and their father. They were sitting next to me while I was tapping away, and theyd all been talking about the two-house Christmas plans, in a jolly kind of way, and then suddenly

Little boy: Daddy, what I want for my birthday, I want to go to a minefield and I want to play in a minefield with all the mines that would explode while we were playing

Daddy: Well alright, well have a look on eBay when we get home and see if we can find any mines

And then continued for about how expensive it would be to fly the kid and five (ten, daddy!) ten of his friends out to somewhere where it would be easy to find a field with play-mines in just lying around, so it would be cheaper to make one at home with eBay mines. And then the conversation moved on to the prices of flights. And then back again. And of course Id have to go with them, because you cant take ten children to play in a minefield unsupervised, and an adult fare is even more expensive

And Im not sure whether it was more interesting thinking of what exactly, the young man might have been thinking of (its Minesweeper the Windows game, isnt it?) – or how impressively deadpan his father was. And for how long.