Taking the pizz

I just went to the cinema. I dont go often, which is a shame, but I do like to go occasionally. Usually to screenings of things that have already been on for a while, because, you know, there will be more choice of places to sit, and less twats.

Or so I thought.

Two minutes before the film started, two people walked in. One carried his coat in his hand, and, under the coat a (not very) mysterious-shaped squareness. They sat down, in the front row, the row in front of us.

And then withdrew two medium sized pizzas. And a large bottle of cheap lemonade. The kind made out of thin plastic that goes POP every time you drink out of the bottle which, fairly clearly, was exactly what they were going to be doing. And Pizza.

Two pizzas. Now, I havent been to the cinema in clearly FAR TOO LONG, because when did this become a thing that happens? Is this what Dinner and a Movie IS, nowadays? Because if so, then thank fuck Im never planning on dating again, thats all I can say.

Popcorns always been a movie food. I wasnt ALL there with nachos, because where are people going to wipe their fingers from all the gooey gooey stuff? Yes, on the damn seats. I bit my lip when they introduced stinky hot dogs, because lets face it, most people have finished those by the time they get to the screen, but TAKING YOUR OWN PIZZA IN? REALLY? Is this what happens now? Is this all right?

Ahem. Im going to bed. But I needed to get that off my chest. Pizza. Taking your own takeaway pizza INTO the damn cinema. You know what? Youre not at home! Youre not in a pizza restauant (which, incidentally, can have you served and out of there in under half an hour, and you can have conversation, you might think about it next time) Youre not round at your mates house . Youre in the cinema! With other people! Other people that you dont know, who have paid for Sorry. Right.

Anyway, yes, the movie was very good. Jason Bourne was very tough, he was apparently made of teflon, he looked very butch and very tired and he Smelled Of Stuffed Crust Mighty Meaty.

Im totally sticking to television from now on.