Annoyance beyond any rational level

I cannot, for the life of me, type the word just.

See, Ive jsut – ARG! – had to stop, right there, in that first sentence, and take it really slowly, because if I type that word at my normal speed – which is pretty hella-fast and reasonably hella-accurate for how fast it is, thanky very much – it will only come out as jsut. ARG!

I cannot correct this. It is, sadly, one of my tic words that I use far too often anyway.

This means I spend more time than I should in incandescent rages at my inability to put on letter (u) in front of another (whichever one its supposed to go in front of). So, you know, thats it. ARG.

Sorry, the post under this one was the one I meant to write this evening. I jsut (ARG! Seriously – not doing this on purpose to demonstrate, I cannot bloody help it) got really cross about the jsut thing. Arg. Go and read that other post. It has content.