My first day as a self employed person, or kind of, went sort of alright. After a few days of holiday, and some other technicalities that I will get my accountant to explain, yesterday was sort of, kind of, my first day as a

It begun well. Oh yes. Beginning was very good. I was very good at beginning. I came back from the gym, the gym being both part of The Plan, and on The List of Things To Do. I made myself a cup of healthy green tea (with things and stuff in that are good for the brain and things), and sat in my newly cleaned and organised study (for cleaning and organising were also on the List Of Things To Do, and also in The Plan). (Are you noticing what I have mainly been doing? I have mainly been employing myself writing lists. Lots of lists)(And Plans). Then I started work, and went tap tap tap tap tap. At lunchtime, I stopped for lunch and made myself an mostly-egg-white omelette (Plan/List) and allowed myself a short break while I hung up some washing and went out to buy some milk. And then I went back to work. Tap-tap-tap tappy-tappy-tap.

At 11pm I was still sitting with my computer, trying to figure out whether I was supposed to stop working or not.

So Starting Work – fine, good at that, got that in hand.

Stopping Again needs adding to the list.