Greetings from a small beach on the bottom edge of the Isle of Mull!

beachworm.jpgEnd of last week, possibly Friday

Dear all,

I realise my postcards so far have been more reflective than informative, so this time I am writing to fill you in with an entirely factual postcard containing everything I know about semi-marine biology.


This is some beachworm poo. Beachworms tunnel through the sand with their mouths open and their bottoms closed, and then when they are full all the way from the very front to the very back, and having extracted all the edible minerals from the sand, they rise to the surface, closed their mouths and open their bottoms and empty themselves out in the way demonstrated above, and always in neat little piles.

The large quantity of neat little sand piles on this beach indicates that there is either one very very hungry sandworm, or many sandworms finding not very much edible in the sand they are processing. Whichever it may be, it is certain fact that all the edible minerals have been removed from the piles left on this beach, and that there is therefore probably very little point in eating them.

Weather is mostly overcast with light showers overnight and sunny spells as the morning progresses. Wish you were here etc.