Reasons I have to start blogging again

1) Because I miss it.
2) Im getting all twitchy.
3) Im about to start my new life as a self-employed writerer-thing, and I need somewhere to write for myself again.
4) I miss you lot. Seriously.
5) Life has calmed down. I am feeling better.
6) Because my mother said I had to. She said if I dont, shes going to have to ring me Every Single Day to find out what Ive been doing. In Full. No one wants that.
7) Because its mablog, dammit. It IS me. Yes, thats tragic, so what?
8) Im addicted.
9) There were some things I had to tell you. Ill tell you in a minute. Oh, nothing important. Mainly beans.
10) It is time.

Yay! Yay blog. Yay.