Not drowning, but waving. And also drowning. Waving WHILE drowning.


Im Anna. I have a blog here – or used to.
It is called little red boat, and is meant to contain light hearted observational conversational posts.
But sadly itI hashave fallen by the wayside. Become rubbish. Fallen over.

So now we have to stop for a little tiny bit.

I know youll know why, some of you – mainly because about half the posts I get round to writing for the last several months are me coming on here and whining about why it is. I am busy. I am stressed. There is lots of good stuff going on, but it is almost too much stuff for one little brain. I have been running around doing all sorts of many things but not writing about them, and by that I have been a shit blogger.

Really. And people have made me aware of that through comments and lack of them and emails etc, and I apologise. Im sorry.

And you know what the worst thing is? That there are so many damn things rattling around my head that I have been meaning to write about and just cant, havent, cant.

– The fact I gave away my shouting-at-rude strangers virginity to some very rude lady in Primark the other day.

– The essential discussion of how long the ideal nap is, and the main differences between napping and sleeping.

– My to do list. And how it is stupid.

– The ridiculously easy-to-interpret dreams I have been having of late.
(You know, just last night I dreamt that I was living in a beautiful house with friends but getting really inured in doing DIY on the bits of the house that were falling down, and it needed a lot of work doing and it had damp and stuff, and I was getting really stressed by the house so I was moving into a flat on my own but I was a bit nervous about it.
I should offer myself up as a life model for some kind of Jung for Idiots class, I am thinking)

– A meditation on airkissing.

– Some things that I have seen that really made me laugh around the internet; posts, articles; videos videos and more videos.

– A thing about treadmills and bra elastic or something.

– Other stuff which was going to be far better when read than .

And Im feeling lighter, just now, just removing these from the detritus-blender that is my head, and putting them down here. Because I do not have to think about them any more.



This is what is happening:

I will state and state now that I am not going to write anything for at least ten days from now.
I cant, and I need to stop thinking I can, or that I have to and strike it off my to-do list for a short while.

The plan is this. I will find something pretty to go at the top of the page, like some kind of picture or random post generator or something, and then I will go away, and be off somewhere else doing busy things like turning spare rooms into studies and leaving my job and becoming a freelance writer and things and going to a large (and a small) Scottish island for a few days and meet with accountants and tax people and editors and oh god my heads about to explode and then I will come back.

I am officially stopping blogging

For about two weeks. Then Ill be back.

Just so, so, SO much calmer. And better. And funnier. And easier. And everything. Er.

In theory.

Thank you.