Why my blogroll has disappeared

There were some links, of which you may have been aware, or you may not, in which case I should probably not have mentioned it, down the right hand side of this blog, on the side bar, and they have disappeared for the time being.

If you have never noticed them and do not care whether they are there or no, best to avoid reading this post, really. It will most likely be dull.

There are several reasons for this:

1) Im not sure what theyre for at the moment. When I started the site I didnt know about the whole messy personal politics of blogrolls, and linked to the only people I knew who blogged, and then slowly I expanded it as I met more people who had blogs, and then I added a couple of people I hadnt met but whose writing I enjoyed, and then a couple more people, and then some more, and then took some away who I realised hadnt had blogs for several years, and that all takes us up to some point several years ago, at which time I became shit at doing anything to it whatsoever.

* I can make as many notes to myself as I want, when it comes to actually going online and updating my site, I prefer to spend the time writing than tinkering. I have never been a very good tinkerer.

c) While those links over there certainly represented blogs I would suggest people had a look at if they were of a mind, I suddenly realised that they represented only a very small percentage of the blogs I read through google reader, and a smaller percentage still of the blogs I read over the course of a week.

whatever) So as it was in a mid point of neither being JUST people I knew who happened to have blogs, NOR a list of all the blogs I read and enjoy, I thought I would dump it for a bit.

I will have it back in some form, I think , when I work out what that form should be, because its nice to recommend things you have enjoyed reading to other people.

I think perhaps when I go freelance and have plenty more time on my hands (and start finding magic beans in the street and losing my slippers at palace balls, and other nice bedtime stories), I may just try and be better at posting something regularly where I can say This week I have been enjoying reading – because at least thats honest and more representative of what I read.

There is this inclusive/exclusive no middle-ground thing about blogrolls that I fucking hate, as well, it must be said. You either have people onem or you dont. Youre either onem or youre not. And people draw patterns and conclusions, and sadly, theyre hardly ever the conclusion Wow, that lazy bitch really cant be arsed to keep those links up to date with her current reading patterns, can she?

No. Its always more of a mean and petty presumption about inclusivity and exclusivity, and thats something I dont deal with very well and, that being something that its pretty stupid not to be able-to-deal-with-very-well, I thought if Id just fuck it off for a bit, to be honest.

And I know that in doing this, I may offend the few people who I had got on there, and other people who think it is a snobbish or unpleasant thing to be worried about or to do. I would suggest those people remove all links to me if it makes them feel better, that is absolutely fine, and understandable.

This has been a public service justification apology announcement.
Thank you.