Tum te tum

Im trying to think of something to say. Im trying my hardest, and I havent been able to think of anything in all the long four minutes i have been sitting here thinking.

Here are an assortment of things:

1) I am getting to be more of a boring foodie with each passing month that passes, I think, towhit:

– People are learning not to ask Hows yours? at any restaurant in which we are eating – in the knowledge that I will, in depth, tell them.

– One of the main points of planning for my impending freelanceness is What I can cook for lunch (I am currently fantasising about variations on an omelette theme)

– The other day, I went out for an important lunch meeting. Directly on my return, my beloved emailed to ask how it went? How was lunch, then?! he wrote.

It was brilliant I replied. They have swordfish on the menu, now, served on a bed of beetroot and a green salsa, and

It took him three emails to find out whether Id actually had a conversation over my lovely food.

2) I hate Scrabble. Im trying not to, but I quite clearly dont have the right type of brain or patience for that shit. Never have. I am trying VERY hard (four games this weekend alone) but am too shit. And also too competitive.

3) I dont point to a lot of the professional writing things I do from here often, because Im trying to keep the two separate. And I do so hate to appear self-indulgent but (there was clearly a but coming, there) but the other week I did a classic version of the weekly Music Video Deconstruction Column I do – it was of Duran Durans Wild Boys. Anyway – the thing I found funny enough to find worth mentioning here was that this week I noticed that it had been linked to from the myspace blog of John Taylor JohnTaylorwhatwasinDuranDuran. From Duran DURAN! I know! He FAMOUS!

So. Mainly amusing in that some of the fans in the comments below seemed to think it was John actually seriously explaining what the video meant (even though he did say it wasnt, and attributed etc). Still. Its possibly the closest to fame Ive ever been

4) I am going to try and think very hard of things that I can tell you that wil be up to the high standards I hope you expect.

Things that arent, of course, about having the wind or boring things about ingrown leg-hair. Or being on telly (believe me, if any of you happened to have seen me on television this past weekend, I know for a fact youll be as embarassed about admitting you were watching it as I am about admitting I was on it) or ill-fitting shoes or overnight trains or burnt thumbs or US Entertainment magazines to which I have developed an unfortunate addiction.

I will think of these things, and then I will report back to you directly. It is very VERY important that these first few weeks of the seventh year of little.red.boat dont see a substantial drop in quality. Else you will NEVER see me re-elected! As, you know, A Blog.

Um. Tum te tum te tum.

(Toddles off to bed. Still with nothing interesting to say)