Yes. No, wait, I meant No. No hang on yes.

Another couple of things in the mounting list of things that people dont know about me

I am very bad at negotiating. When I say bad, I do mean cataclysmicallybad-bad.

Things I have been known to do during important career negotiations

(At Some Point In The Past Not Neccessarily Now, People)

1) Burst into tears.

2) Made inappropriate jokes about my negotiatee being a bit like my mother.

3) Accepted he first random sum offered to me.

4) Managed to talk my way out of a job.

5) Hyperventilated.

6) Cried.

7) Constructed sentences entirely made out of the words um and I-I-I and the thing is used around 249 times each in various combinations.

8) Spent minutes staring into space.

9) Apologised more than a thousand times.

10) Had a bit of a sad.

Youll notice that bursting into tears appears several times in the list: I just dont want you to underestimate how often it happens. Pretty much every. single. time.


You know what? Lets leave all that for now. I was going to tell you something, but Ill tell you next week instead.

In the meantime.

I was surfing the interwebnet and happened upon these little beauties. This one, for children comes with free toilet roll holder and hopefully some vouchers for therapy in later life. And frankly this is just irresponsible. Completely and utterly incomprehensible.


Just like me, in fact, this week.

Bibble bibble bibble bibble.