Brown Lump

Things people might not know about me, number one in an unyet undecided but surely going SOMEWHERE series of things:

I have a mole in my armpit.

Im very fond of it as, frankly, I tend to think its as close to being Marilyn Monroe as Im ever going to get. So I tend to look at it and feel affectionate, as she had a terribly attractive mole that *everybody* could see, and I have this lovely little mole that *I* can see, and thus we are terribly similar.

And then I remember its a flap of brown flup.

In my armpit.

And I stop showing it off.

Usually, at drunken stressful networking occasions, this is about 12 people too late.

So not many people know this, apart from those 12 people (x however many drunken networking occasions)



On a slightly related note, I have noticed a lot of adverts around for creams promising to fight off the suns bad effects. They say that they will stop the nasty wrinkles, and stop the nasty brown spots, because no one wants the nasty brown spots caused by the sun.

It took me several times of the advert sailing past me to realise

Did they mean freckles?

Is the beauty industry demonising freckles?!