Bee-diddly-bow Chikka-WOW (cue laugh track)

Things people might not know about me, another post in an unyet undecided series of things:

Until about three weeks ago Id never seen an episode of Seindfeld all the way through.
People went on an on and on about bloody Seinfeld, and I just had to nod, and smile, and pull pop-culture nuggets out of my collective-generational-memory-hat.

But then someone heard this, and couldnt understand what I was saying to them when I explained the fact I had never seen a full episode, and immediately brought seven damn series of the thing to me and told me I was going to watch them.

So now I am half way through series four, and although I may not mind if I never hear the twang of an early-nineties bass riff ever again, I am enjoying the glut of information that such an exercise brings.
Also, its quite funny. In parts.
I knew it had me when, half way through one episode, I turned to my beloved and said You know, Im a bit Elaine, and Im a bit George, but Im never Jerry.

Then I knew.

Next on my list of things Ive never seen a whole episode of to burrow all the way through in one?
I dont know, maybe the Sopranos. (And yes, I do know what happens at the end, thanks)
Perhaps I should try and track down Heroes.
Hell, maybe I should be more patriotic, and track Hollyoaks from the first series.

Then again, I do have books.