There have been several people confused as late about my most recent Tagline, which proudly announces to the world that Ive been Not knowing as much about ladybirds as everyone thinks I do since 2005, or some such.

What? They say.

But no one thought you DID know anything about ladybirds, did they? And anyway, hasnt this site been going since 2001?

Why yes it has, and thank you for noticing.

Sadly, people do think I know something about ladybirds, or at least that someone around ehre might, and that is mainly, I think, down to the fact that this post has been No.1 for Ladybird infestation in major search engines since pretty much the day it was born.

All comments ont his site get mailed to me as theyre added, so its a matter of quiet amazement that I watch, in among the lovely comments from all of you lot, and the spam, and the assorted other, the steady slow flow of people going to that post, and looking for some kind of answer to their ladybird problem, or just someone to talk to about it. And they get nothing.

And I feel sad, because I cant help, because lets face it, I know cock-all about ladybirds.

No, dont tell me. I dont want to know about them. If you want to leave a useful lovely comment with helpful advice, can you go and leave it on that post from two years ago, when I was living somewhere with four ladybirds (not strictly, I admit, an infestation in anyones eyes) (unless it was actually IN ANYONES EYE, in which case it might count as an infestation)(And also count as gross, obv)?

Anyway, if you have anything useful to say, you could say it there on that post, where the people-in-need are? And not here? Now? When Im, you know, not? Infested? And that? Thank you. Thank you ever so much.

So. That was all it means, anyway.

I hadnt meant to have it up that long, either. But I dont know anything about ladybirds, and I havent done. Since at least 2005.