Honesty 1.0

My head has not exploded!!!

Thank you if you were worrying but no, after vocalising – and loudly – all the swearwords I didnt vocalise here yesterday (for fear that if I started, I would never stop, my head didnt explode after all) my head did not really explode.

But I am tired.

I am tired in a way I do not even understand.

This weekend is blog weekend. Be afraid, be very afraid.


I was very touched, though – should you be reading, Mr Actually C Randomizer – by a comment that some may have termed a SPAM comment earlier this week. It read:

Your site is a refreshing change from the majority of sites I have visited. When I first started visiting web sites I was excited by the potential of the internet as a resource and was very disappointed initially. You have restored my enthusiasm and I thank you for your efforts to share your insights and help the world become a better place.

Now, coming from a person trying to encourage visitors to their site, a haven of full-colour images of young womens lady-gardens and invitations to play shonky online card games, I thought this was a pleasantly altruistic sentiment.

Sadly I didnt feel the same upon entering his own portal. Although thats a phrase we probably share, in some way.


Im tired.
I predicted a burnout several weeks ago.
Its scheduled for 23 hours from now. Almost exactly.