Oui, je ne regrette quune chose

You know, occasionally, in the course of conversations, drunken getting-to-know-you-sessions or one of those occasions where people ask you questions on blogs, or in comments, or to print on bits of paper or things, someone asks me the question Whats your biggest regret?

And Ive always been quite proud of saying:

You know what? Nothing. I dont regret anything. There may be things I sometimes wish had happened differently, but if they hadnt happened the way they happened, then I wouldnt be where I am today, and this is a good place, and I am happy so no, I couldnt possibly regret anything

And thats what I have always said.

Sadly, this weekend, I have decided this to be a lie.

I dont have many regrets and certainly no big or great or momentous ones.

But I do have one. It is one thing of no consequence, but nonetheless regretted.
And it is one that matters to me no little amount, though mostly in the summer.

So for the record, and to all the people I have given the la-la-la-floaty-love-in-blissed-out answer above:

I would like to announce that I sincerely regret geting curious and thinking it might be a good idea to shave my big toes when I was 12.

It wasnt, and I know that now.

So there.

Ive shared.

I feel better.

Now you.


Oh come on, there must be something of no great consequence that you regret.
One stupid, annoying little one thing?

No dont lie, there must be one thing.

Oh. Just me then?

Fucking stupid hobbit toes. Mumble mumble mumble.