Long story / cut short (ish?)

(Or my best attempt at it)

I meant to write a longer – much longer post tonight. Instead, here it is in point form, as it is in my brain.

Part 1 – history

– Love travel
– As a child, used to visit the bookshop near my mums office when on sick days and holiday sitting-in-office days. Used to stare at pictures of far away
– Love the very idea of far away
– Love song by Lemon Jelly. Ramblin Man. Makes me smile and cry when it comes on on shuffle. Whenever it does, listen to it 4 times. Song is basically a man listing destinations he has loved over a lovely lovely beat. Am getting led off from point form style.
– have managed to travel a lot recently, as part of freelance work, as part of job, and as part of holidays can afford by freelance work and job etc.
– feel bad carbon footprint etc
– still want to see places
– Love cities most of all. Have always ALWAYS wanted to go to New York. Couldnt afford it.

Part 2 – personal

– Dont know why I should like travel. Travel hard. Scary. Cant speak languages. Feel scared. Out of comfort zome.
– Putting myself in challenging situations out of comfort zone is an important thing for me. Challenge good.
– People-watching even more important.
– Weirdly, used to love flying am getting more nervous each time. Law of averages, diminishing return etc. More on this at later date.

Part 3 – present

– Company I work for won third Webby Award in a row (big award, apparently, Oscars of internet etc (havent they HEARD of the Bloggies?!))
– Company I work for hold competition for best five-word award speeches (Webby award ceremony only allows five-word speeches)
– I (and other) win competition.
– We (and management people to keep us sensible, obv) go and collect award. At award ceremony. In New York.

Part 4 – I get very excited

– Im really excited!


So yes, now that work is over for the week (11.15pm, 10hrs before take off) I am excited. Suddenly. I couldnt think about it before everything else was out of the way, but now will. And will now pack. As well as the work thing, My Beloved and I are going for a couple of extra days, and I plan, mainly, on walking around with my mouth open, going Fucking Hell Im In New York.

And Im not ashamed of that. Thats just the thing Ive always wanted to do.

So very, very excited now.

If anyone has any New York tips, tell me, if theres anyone with lax wi-fi enough around my hotel, I will be checking – otherwise, internet cafes ahoy.

Where I will update. If I can. Im so excited.

Sorry for babbling.

Im just, youknow, not sure if I mentioned it, a bit excited.