A comment on comments and matters of courtesy

Reminded by various things, I just wanted to say:

I have been bad at responding to comments recently, which is a bad thing, and I am sorry for it. I just wanted to say thank you for all your comments, and that I do read them, and really appreciate them, and they make me laugh and inspire me and encourage me and remind me of things I was going to write about and all sorts – Im just really bad at responding to them at the moment.

So thank you.

And the same goes for commenting on other peoples sites too. I read them all through the GooglyReader thing, but again, never quite get around to commenting, and Im sorry. So for the record – You, That was great, that didnt really happen, did it?; You, I laughed till I was almost sick; You, Yeah, me too; and to four others, Great post. Oh, and First!.

I will write another, proper post later. I just wanted to say thank you, and sorry for being a bit remiss of late.