Things I meant to write tonight till I got put off by processing pictures and things and will hopefully write about tomorrow.

– The Blockbusters theme tune.

– Train tickets and other religious things.

– Something else that I have forgotten temporarily.

– Ladybirds, and how little I know about them.

Some, if not all. Probably some.

Or a couple.

Or, you know, maybe one, knowing me. If that.

In the meantime, and with apologies, a link to an old Wet Wet Wet video because as part of a conversation today, I was trying to describe the fact that Marty Pellow burps after the first two lines. And he does!

Listen for yourself!

30 seconds in! He burps!

Ah, I could watch it over and over again.

In fact I have.

That was what I was mainly led off by.

I admit it.

All the other stuff was just to cover up my infantile glee at the Wet Man Burping.