The colour of productive is kind of greeny purple

Oh Monday, Monday, what did I ever do to you?

So I thought Id have a very productive day, right? And I did, I did, I cant deny it, I did.

I did the three main things on my list: I bought a little (ish) black dress for all occasions, I blogged a lot, and I cleaned the stair carpet very thoroughly.

Yes, it might have been slightly more ON the knee than my preferred slightly BELOW the knee (and swingy, obv), but it was a nice dress, and it will do very nicely for the dressy occasion next week, with the right shoes. And yes, I might have slipped on the slippery shampooey carpet and banged my leg and cried and shouted a bit, but it was still a productive day, all in all.

This morning, of course, I notice that the only-mildly-leg-hurtiness has resulted in a perfectly round, perfectly purplish-green bruise just under my knee; a goodly size, most noticable and RIGHT BELOW WHERE MY SODDING DRESS STOPS.

Now does anyone, ANYONE know of a way of making bruise lose their cheerful colour, and fast?

Or do I just have to slather it with concealer? Because I will, you know. Im not ashamed.

Ill give it a full concealer/foundation/powder flawless finish if I need to.

Is there a gel? A cream? An unction?

Fucking productivity. Im never being productive again.