The cleanest dirty mouth in the west

Also, in a moment of supreme half-asleepness this morning, I covered my toothbrush in anti-bacterial handwash.

Just saying. You know. Dont do that. Just because its anti-bacterial, doesnt mean it tastes nice. Not that that was what I was thinking, I wasnt thinking anything. Apart from euw and sweary noises. And I wasnt intending to put it on there, and certainly not because I thought it was going to be nice.

Its not very nice.

Also dont pick your nose after cutting green chillis.

Not that I have done that.

But dont do that. It isnt very nice either.

I hear.

Oh, actually, while Im here: try not to get distracted while youre on a treadmill.

Just advice, you know?

Juuuuust putting it out there, letting you know.

Just a public service.

Turns out not only Monday hated me.