On cats, and how they dont really like being in bags anyway

– Oooh! Ive been shortlisted for an awarddy thing!

I have a cats hope in hell, because I am up against very prolific, popular, talented people, and I just dont win awards. Or any kind of merit-based type of prize. Ever, really.

Still, it is very lovely to be on a shortlist, and blah blah blah. Thank you all. Id like to thank my agent. And my cat. Both of whom are the same person, and neither of whom exist. Oh, and the Academy.

– For no reason whatsoever am I asking, but does anyone know of a really cheap hotel in Downtown New York that accepts bookings at really short notice? Or something?

No reason, like. Pure curiosity. Like what killed the cat. That one in hell, in the bag. You know, the one that wasnt my agent. Or in the academy. Or something.

Gosh what a catty post.

Could be more catty.

Princess Beatrice of York looks like a 2d blown-up doll with its features drawn on in crayon. Hows that for catty? And what use would a 2d blow-up doll be anyway?

Shit, there are 5 million things Im suuposed to be doing.