Head, exploding

Nono, in a good way.

It is, my dears, difficult to explain how much is going on at the moment – about as difficult as it is to find holes in the middle of it all to sit down and do fun blogginging things. Or think of things that I can write about. Or think.

[But, very briefly, it involves a hell of a lot of writing, a lot of carbon emissions, more winning things, lots of talking, more writing, days and days of my life pootling up and down on trains (while writing), and oh, um, some kind of television/those list shows that all reasonable people hate kind of activity which I may or may not expand upon). And reading. Oh, and other that I cant remember]

Still, I will be updating more, and have more stories to tell – mainly by dint of the fact that over the next five weeks Im going to be in five different countries – four of them in the next three weeks. Oh alright, one of them is England.

And Im always drop-kicked into fabulous amounts of blog-material by being in new and exciting places, and having new experiences and, you know, well, getting lost and being shouted at by scary international beggars, mainly.

So. Having been booked into hotels with tinternet on tap (its more important than the en suite, dahlink) I shall speak to you tomorrow from Well, from wherever it is Im going this week.

Hm. Now, I have to be up in just over three hours. Is there really ANY point in going to bed?