Luxemberg – Could be Worse!

I was walking through the office when a travel flier caught my eye, eariler.

It may be true, it may be simple, but Im just not overly convinced that

Holland: Surprisingly Close

is not the most convincing marketing slogan Ive ever seen. I mean, Im just not swayed by a weekend break destination (or much else) whose only reasoning is that its not prohibitively inconvenient to get to. Surprisingly Nice would be better, though Ive no doubt that Holland in general is quite lovely.
Quite Cheap might also be tempting, though I imagine its not quite the image they want to present. Hell, even Surprisingly Low On Drug-Related Street-Crime would have more directly positive overtones than the Surprisingly Close schtick.

I mean lets face it: if we chose romantic holiday weekend break destinations because of quantitive distance considerations, Id be spending a lot more of my quality biffing time in Croydon.


You just get the feeling that at least it was better than whatever their other shortlisted suggestions were:
Amsterdam: You May To Get On A Plane, But Its At Least Reasonably Unlikely That Youll Get Deep Vein Thrombosis
The Netherlands: Hello, Were Just Over Here. Watching You.
Holland: Seriously, Ive Been Far Worse Places. Croydon, Anyone?