If X is the number of Years, Y the number of drinks and W the amount of snacks not eaten

aThen how long should hangover Z last?

Im thinking maybe a week – in no little way multiplied by the fact that I made lots of food, distributed lots of food, spent all day on saturday carry lots of food around, up and down stairs, into the garden, out of the fridge, etc etc, and none of the day at all actually EATING any of it.

Well, I had four carrots and a piece of Gravlax on crispbread, which on reflection probably wasnt enough to soak up the 900 glasses of champagne.

It was a nice birthday, though. Very lovely.

Problem is, of course, the more you build something up, the more of a crash you have after it happens.


Still, I had a lovely day, made all the more lovely by the towering pile of Amazon Treats that were brought to me in bed on Saturday monring. So thank you thank you thank you to those of you who bought exciting amazon treats for me from the wishlist thing, you are the loveliest people on earth. Apart from all the other friends and family who made my birthday very special, who are also lovely.

So, you know, thank you, and everything.

Normal service will now be resumed (though you neednt think Ive finished with that damn list).