Challenge Anna (the thirtieth birthday countdown): The boring overlong annotated list

You are under no compulsion whatsoever to read this. Im just publishing an annotated version of this because Im stubborn and a little OCD and needed to for completist reasons, and also wanted to get my thoughts out loud.

Ok, that being said…

1. Release a downloadable Best of Anna Pickard – spoken blogs childhood squeakings. (michael dolenzio)

Yes. Maybe not a best of, as Im far too indecisive, and that would take to too long. To decide, I mean, not to read. Im not THAT egotistical. Well I am, Im just pretending Im not. Obv. I may do this.

2. read “84 Charing Cross Road”, by Helen Hanff. Have you already read it? Good!! You can cross it off you 30-things-to-do list!! (france)

I have done this! Years ago! Thus perhaps the influence. Brilliant. I love things I have already done. They rock.

3. Go busking. (JonnyB)

No, not unless JonnyB busks with me, and that is the end of the matter.

4. Stop being twenty-nine (Dominic)

I can do this! I mean, I cant tick it off the list until the 12th of May, but this one, I can do. I know youre trying to be funny – but thanks, Dominic. I like things I can do without even trying, almost as much as I like things Ive already done.

5. Jump out of a helicopter and run up to random passers-by asking them if they have a clue (Dominic)

Ah, now this is a clever comment matching the title of the original post Challlenge Anna with the popular 1980s television programme Challenge Anneka. This is not a real suggestion! Hurrah. I like not real suggestions almost as much things which I can do with even trying, which I like almost as much as things that I have already done which, as aforementioned, I like most of all.

6. Bottle Feed A Lamb? Achievable AND seasonal (SophieW)

Achievable perhaps, but I am entirely unsure how to do this. I am a city girl from the tips of my fashionable fringe to the toes of my extremely mono-terrain trainers. I am not au fait with farming life, and do not know how to approach the whole thing. It sounds like a lovely thing to do, but I simply cannot, at the moment, think how to organise it. I am thinking. I will continue thinking.

7. The London Marathon is on 22nd April and is nearly 26.2 miles. It’s a little late to do the run but you could walk 3.8 miles from the finish line in the Mall to make it 30. (Murph)

Damn. Missed the marathon while sitting out in my garden eating pancakes. Conflict of interests, innit.

However. I could still walk 3.8 miles from the Mall, however, and tie it in. This can tie in with some later suggestions. It is in the thinking pile.

8. Buy a little red plastic boat and launch it in the Thames at Charing Cross. A picture would be good. (Murph)

Again, this ties in with both Murphs last suggestion which ties in with other good suggestions. I am working on a plan that encompasses these.

9. Get Married?… (Debster)

No. I am very happily unmarried, thank you. Both my beloved and I. Very happily in love and unwed.

And anyway. Its three weeks from now!

The only place where I might currently consider getting married-just-for-the-hell-of-it is probably booked up. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. That will get you thinking.

10. … have a baby? I dunno… (Debster)

Three weeks. It would have to be an alien baby. Or a small-rodent-baby. I am unwilling to have either.

11. how about buy a kangaroo? (Debster)

Yes, I may do this. Or rent one. No, not rent, adopt. Whatever. I have been looking into this. Details to follow.

12: Kiss the next [real – not virtual] person that makes you laugh. (Andre)

I will. I will need a starting point for this challenge, though. I will decide on the starting point myself. I may even end up kissing you. I promise to get an mp3 of the moment, whoever it is.

13: Go to the supermarket in your slippers and pajamas. (rachie)

Oh, but I have done this SO many times before. I am such a slovenly bother-forgoer, I have even been to work in elements of my pjs.

14: Go see a movie at the Electric Cinema in Nottinghill if you haven’t. (Adrian)

I think I have. I should have done, I grew up fifteen mintutes walk from it. I will see what I can do.

15: Have the blackened cod from Nobu (Adrian)


16: Place a wager in a bookies (Adrian)

I DID this! I did it!

17: Go swimming in the sea at sunrise (Adrian)

No. Almost certainly no. I do not like cold things, or water-where-you-cannot-see-the-bottom, or being near-naked in public. So this is al veh unlikely.

18: Do a tequila body shot (Adrian)

I dont know what a tequila body-shot is. Let me find out what one is, then I will do one. I like tequila.

19: Get a tattoo (Adrian)

Hm. I have always wanted to, but have never known what. I will have to decide, and very fast.

20: Go to a live football game. (Adrian)

Done this!

21: Go to a live cricket game. (Adrian)

I will try. I will probably fail.

22: Eat an Ice Cream in Trafalgar square sitting on the walls at the side watching people. (Adrian)

This I can, have, and will (have) done.

23: Go up in a hot air balloon. (Adrian)

Working on this. Very very hard.

24: Cook something you have never cooked before. (Adrian)

Maybe Blackened Cod, Nobu style?

25: Dye your hair a colour it’s never been. (Adrian) Um, that’s it for me for the moment. If I think of any more I’ll let you know. (?!)

It is difficult to think of a colour it hasnt been that I would actually be able to live with dying it now. Blue? Green? Its been all shades of red, orange, purple, blonde, brown, black etc. This is unlikely. Though a temporary rinse might be possible (if unconvincing).

26: Do the Star Wars marathon thing.

Pencilled in for Star Wars day. Though theres another possible 30th thing on that day which might mean ome reshuffling. This is hard.

27: Get married. (Laura)

See above. No.

28: Write a letter to your parents or mother and father depending on the ‘family structure’ and tell them things you’ve never told them before. But only nice things. (Laura)

Lovely. Maybe.

29: Have a great professional picture taken. (Laura)

Done already this year. Enough incredible photographers at my birthday party also planned to make it a photophographical ocassion.

30: Skinny dip (Laura)

No. Too shy. Always have been, maybe always will be. Almost will certainly always be on the beaches of Southern England, which are the only ones Im likely to visit in the next three weeks.

31: International Dance Day on 29 April… Try a class in something new. Salsa? (Tuuli)

I would love this. I cant seem to find anything yet, but am looking hard.

32: Booo. JonnyB stole my idea. Except I was going to mention Brighton sea-front and a Kazoo. (Mr Angry)

As above, I will be busking only on the day when JonnyB joins me. Or, you know, does it for me.

33: Stay up till dawn, both drinking and putting the world to rights (live blog it, if necessary) (Mr Angry)

So MANY times have I done this. I may yet do it again, but sadly, the nights when I dont say I cant, its a school night, I have a lot to do tomorrow are few and far between. This is one of them, in fact. And I am liking it. A lot.

34: Do some volunteer work locally (hour, afternoon, or a full day, up to you) (Mr Angry)

looking into this.

35: Walk across London town. (Mr Angry)

Yes. Fits in with other things, working on this.

36: Make a bet that is sufficiently big to scare you a little bit, then watch the ensuing action, live. (Mr Angry)

Did it.

37: Ooo, I’ve got one – do the bet thing on the Grand National, put an each way bet on NUMBER 30 (see what I did there?), it’s called “Naunton Brook”. It’s got a good each-way chance (so tipsters better than me claim) (AndyB)

Did it – wrong horse name, poppet, but thank you, I did it anyway…

38: I like the betting idea a lot too – I’ve never done it either. How about thirty 1 pound bets on thirty different horses (or dogs, or beasts of your choice) (with the silliest names possible, obviously)… that way you’d be bound to win something! (Eloise)

Betting done. Riches won. Yays all said (Yay again, mind). Will never bet again.

39: Drink champagne on the beach at sunrise. (This can be combined with Adrian’s, which I’ve just noticed… grr.) (Mike)

Will do. Promise.

40: Post pretentious poetry on your Livejournal. (Mike)

I will need a livejournal first. This is unlikely. I am trying to cut down on my joining-stupid-2.0-web-communities-that-I-subsequently-ignore web presence. But we shall see. There is a later suggestion this can tie in with, so its not completely out the windae.

41: Mosh. (Or crowd-surf. Your choice.) (Mike)

So very very unlikely. My loud-noise sensitivity thing has meant that gigs are very much history for quite a long while now, though I miss the atmosphere very much indeed.

42: Go through a faux-mature “settling down” phase, eg. staying in on a Saturday night so you can buy something nice from Habitat with the money saved, OR throwing an over-elaborate three-course dinner party, using recipes from EITHER Jamie Oliver OR Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, with EITHER James Blunt OR James Morrison on the CD player. (Mike)

Welcome to my life. Apaprt from the Blunt/Morrison, who can both frankly stick their instruments up their arses. So to speak.

43: Protest about something in public (ie. t’Internet doesn’t count) (Mike)

Yes, this is in the planning stages.

44: Invite a homeless person round for a cup of tea, because you, like, rilly want to get to know them as a person? (Mike)

Funny. Though the guy who sells the Big Issues outside Brighton Station after 8pm is really quite unashamedly hott, I will not be doing this. Mainly because Im not sure that someone being hott was quite the altruistic motive you were thinking of.

45: Go through a 1980s Retro phase. (Mike)

Have pencilled this in for next week.

46: Meet up with someone you haven’t seen since School/University/your first job. (Mike)

Sending an email in next couple of days to try and set this up, been meaning to for VEH long time.

47: Schmooze your way onto the guest list for an ultra-hip club night, swan ostentatiously past the queue (Ha! Plebs!), drink over-priced cocktails (and ENJOY them), pretend you recognise the tunes (”Yeah, I got this on promo months ago actually”), and sneer at anyone who looks over 35 (”God, have they no self-respect?”). (Mike)

Crikey. Youve been out for post-work drinks with us on a Friday, have you?

48: Have t-shirts printed with “I am a twenty-something” and wear them every day until your birthday. (Anxious)

I dont wear t-shirts – but what about a badge? I can make a badge.

49: Publish a ‘Best of Little Red Boat’ by Anna P, via if needs be. (f:lux)

This is on my birthday list. I dont know if this is happening – if it is, I dont know if it is something that the public would want to buy at all. You might have to make do with the Completely Gratis Archive Things.

50: My God, I’m amazed no-one has yet mentioned it: you should definitely have a threesome before you turn thirty. (OneTrack)

Not saying whether Ive done this already, but wont be doing it in the next few weeks, nor shall I be writing about it whether done now or previously, on this site (hello mother! Hello important work people!).

51: Read “Little, Big” by John Crowley. (Sophie)

Sadly, Im not going to get around to this, I dont think, but have ordered it from amazon, and will read it as soon as I have time.

52: Eat out at thirty restaurants before your birthday. (Some Catchy Chic)

It is a lovely thing, but no, I cant do this between now and May 12. I may review 30 restaurants Ive been to in the last year? That may happen. We will see.

53: Make a time capsule containing something important from each year of your life – and then plan to dig it back up on your 60th – adding a further 30 years worth of memories. (joanne)

This is a very beautiful idea, but I cannot think of a single family property now that I could bury it in and still be able to access it in 30 years time. We move about a lot…

54: Learn how to make a decent martini (if you don’t know already) and get all your friends to come round and drink them. (Nic Dempsey)

Working on this one… Working on this one in this case meaning refusing to do anything by half measures. Haha. Measures.

55: Take a photo of yourself every day until your birthday and put it on the site (Nic Dempsey)

Oh bother. I have missed this one. Bother bother. There are other photo things I *will* do, though.

56: Plan a huge birthday party (Nic Dempsey)

On the case. Well, huge for me, anyway. Me who hates birthday parties full stop.

57: Tickle a (on-duty) policeman. (Becky)

Um. I will try.

58: Hold a one-woman protest outside the Houses of Parliament: protest about something very odd but be very sincere when you shout your slogans. How about an apathy protest? “WHAT DO WE WANT?” “DON’T KNOW!” “WHEN DO WE WANT IT?” “OH, WHENEVER!”. As it is a one-woman protest, you will have to both ask and answer these questions in a very loud voice. (Becky)

Yes. This can be wrapped into walking across London ones. Im thinking of good campaigns now.

59: Eat a whole chocolate cake to yourself. (Becky)

Oh god, Ive so done this before. I really couldnt now, though. Or shouldnt.

60: Watch the sun come up on a beach. (Becky)

This is a theme, and looks to be inevitable…

61: Swim in the sea with a dolphin: you don’t have to travel far to do this, as I believe both Ireland and Wales have ‘Ambassador dolphins’ living off the coast who are only too happy to frolick with humans. Be careful though – as Terry Pratchett once wrote, never trust a species that smiles all the time. (Becky)

Hm. Unlikely, though a nice idea. I would be truly terrified of this. Not of the dolphins, but I have a big thing about water where I cant see the bottom. Big thing. This, and other reasons, makes this very very unlikely. Sad but true.

62: spontaneous road trip (ladybird)

Seeing as neither my beloved or I drive, this will have to be a spontaneous road trip by bus. Am looking into the possibilities of a No.30 bus.

63: host a fancy dress party (i’m very much looking forward to LittleBTS eurovision party – ooh are you liveblogging the eurovision? you so should..) (ladybird)

Liveblogging Eurovision!? Its on my real actual birthday! No! Ill be watching it, fo sho, and in august company too, but blogging it?! No! I shall be perhaps in fancy dress, and eating snacks of all nations. Not blogging. Well, probably. Certainly not for work purposes.

64: go to that fab kareoke bar near soho. (ladybird)

Um. Which one?

65: send a message in a bottle. (ladybird)

This is a terribly nice and romantic idea, but Im a bit worried about throwing things in the sea. I dont want to throw glass bottles into the sea at Brighton, because they will smash against the pebbles and people will end up getting glass in their feet and it will all be my fault. And plastic bottles seems environmentally veh bad.

66: engage in the facebook poking war of all poking wars. (ladybird)

Hm. Poking seems to be all this facebook thing is for. I will go and poke someone immediately and see what happens (based on prior experience: nothing)

67: bury treasure. (ladybird)


68: race 30 little red boats down the Thames, we’ve all seen the rubber duck races, why not tiny boats? (ladybird)

That is cute. I will have to look into the least environmentally rubbish/littery way of doing this, and will get back to you.

69: go to a pole dancing class. (ladybird)

Boo, I cant find one! Nor anyone to go with me! Boooooooo! And have weak arms and would be truly truly rubbish! BOOOOOOOO!

70: The monopoly board pub crawl. (ladybird)

This is dangerous. I am looking into whether there is a version I can do based on the Brighton and Hove monopoly board. Not that thats any less dangerous, just nearer to my bed.

71: do something for charity, and hang out with some cool people ( (ladybird)

Damnit. Cant get on the internet for long enough to look that up. Lovely idea though, will look it up, though cant promise there will be enough time for worthy things As Well As silly things.

72: Oh, bugger, is a bit like the boat idea… But I think you should put thirty messages in bottles. Possibly little red messages, or little red bottles, or something. And then release them off Brighton pier, and see what happens, what exciting people (if any) write back and where from. I have always wanted to put messages in bottles and this is an excellent excuse. Or you could release them from all sorts of different (seaside) places, cos I guess it would make a difference where they started from. I suppose it could work with little red boats, but they would be mroe likely to sink before reaching far-flung shores. Or you could release messages on thirty red balloons. Or thirty pigeons. Or thirty red cards left around London with a favourite blog post on one side and a message to people to take them somewhere else and leave them and see how far they get… (Eloise)

Cripes, Im going to have to do some variation on this, if only because you took so much time writing the comment it would be rude not to. Bottles as said, unlikely. Am thinking hard about variations.

73: You could spend one lunchbreak trying to give away single flowers on the street, to strangers. See if you can give away 30. (katoutthebag)

Scary! Um. I could. But. Oh! Scary!

74: Record a record. Better than that, do it as a podcast. Ukelele accompaniment, obviously. Perhaps a video version posted on here. (dury)

If Im doing a podcastty thing anyway, Ill get him to play along, Dury, yes. Whether he will agree, I cannot promise.

75: Show us pictures of your favourite 30 things in brighton, these could be either stuff you have lying around in the house or things outside the house. (andrea)

Will do. Have started taking pictures.

76: Make a mix CD that reminds you of your teenage years. (andrea)

Hm. Much stuff from then is in vinyl and in boxes somewhere in the inner hebrides. That could be a problem. Am trying to think of ways around problem, though. Will keep thinking.

77: Make a list of your 30 favourite words starting with W. (andrea)

How random. Ok.

78: Dress up as a Pirate Wench.
Commandeer an old-stylee sailing ship.
Mount a raid on a trading ship in the Spanish Main.
Get thee loads of doubloons.
Well, perhaps just the dressing up bit then? (Farty)

But I dress like a pirate wench Every Day! It is my normal attire! That is nothing special!

79: For the birthday party: 1) Hire an indoor swimming pool facility. 2) All guests must be in their “birthday suits.”
Potential drawbacks: 1) Violates your “Not Tits” instruction. 2) If the water is cold, your male guests may not appreciate the venue. (xl)

Re birthday party naked: my parents will be there? Thus: *shudder*, No.

80: Pretend to do an Earl. Un-shoplift sweets or drinks in a corner shop and then post it on You-Tube. (Salima)


81: paint a picture (Salima)

Ok. Cant promise it will be any good.

82: have a spa therapy, chocolate wrap or similarly decadent sounding thing (Salima)

Want to. Very much. Looking into it…

83: watch the sun-rise (yep I know its been said but i wanted to say it too) (Salima)

Jesus, people, yes, alright, sun rise, got it. Im not a morning person, you know…

84: visit an orphanage (Salima)

I will see if I can find one. What about a nursery? You know, with plants?

85: How about making your own little red boat? Natural materials only. Must be seaworthy. (sooz)

This can be wrapped into one of the boatty thamesy/thingy things. So yes. Hm.

86: Apply for ‘The Apprentice’. (sooz)

It is too late! Booooooooo! Also, I am not a marketing idiot, and would never get through the queuing-for-audition stage without stabbing someone.

87: Go on a spa break – to get yourself in shipshape and Bristol fashion for your birthday celebration – must be blogged about though. (sooz)

Oooh, that sounds like the one just above. Yes. Perhaps not a break. But perhaps a very decadent morning?

88: Pick 3 studio audiences to sit among wearing your most red of clothes and hogging the camera as soon as it swings your way. (sooz)

Unlikely, sadly, with time constraints. But can look into this…

89: Wear an enormous pair of fake breasts to work and pretend that there’s nothing ‘different’ about you. (sooz)

Again, this is my normal attire. No one has noticed yet.

90: Dress up like Marc Bolan for a day. He died when he was 29 you know. Obviously try not to die though. That would be silly. (Amy)

I went past his death tree yesterday! Does that count?

91: Take a photo of what you’re doing every half an hour on a normal day. There will be about 30 pics. Then look at them when you are 40. (JT)

I dont know about the look at them when Im 40 bit, as its not exactly something I can do before my 30th, but I can certainly do the first bit. Im thinking maybe Wednesday.

92: Or for a month take a photo of every friend you meet. Then look at them when you are 40. (JT)

This is a very sweet idea. And seeing as Ill inevitably take a bunch of pictures on my birthday and all the people I would want pictures of will probably be there, it is achievable. Yay!

93: Surely doing something with a red boat is kinda compulsory.… (JT)

It would appear so.

94: and a sunrise. (JT)


95: Go on a pub/bar crawl of every place you have had a drink on previous birthdays. I hope you did not start drinking at an early age or things could get messy very quickly. (Invader_Stu)

Hm. Since this would involve Manchester, Scotland and some dodgy hotel in Tunisia – and thats just the last 10 years – time constraints mean no. Sadly, as that would be great. Apart from the hotel in Tunisia, which wasnt *that* great.

96: Have to say I’m with The Girl on this one. Sexually deviant behaviour all the way. See in 30 in a tangle of sweaty limbs… (H Factor)

Thanks for playing! Better luck next time! Please come again!

97: Bake cookies and give them out to the cookie-worthy people in your life. (Tasha)

Cookies will be made this afternoon. And muffins. Pictures will be taken.

98: Phone/email/meet up with some of the people you’ve been meaning to stay in touch with but work and life and stuff keep getting in the way. (Tasha)

God I really, really should. I feel terrible now.

99: You should hold a birthday party on the pirate ship on the south bank, i always see school kids over there in pirates hats and it looks like fantastic fun (ladybird)

Damnit, its all booked up already.

100: Love the idea of leaving posts on little red cards all over the place. (ladybird)

Yes, me tootoo.

101: Go to work in face paint – a different face paint design every day for 30 days… (ladybird)

Career suicide. A wonderful way to enter my next decade.

102: Overcome a fear. (Any genuine fear. Maybe not mouses-big, but one that really bothers you.) (Fraz)

Heights? That may go with the Big Bloon thing, methinks.

103: Spend a whole day being excessively nice to everyone you meet. Carry some cakes/biscuits/sweets and hand them out to anyone who even looks at you. Then try to avoid arrest. (Fraz)

As above, consider it done…

104: My Mum spent her 30th birthday with her legs apart, giving birth to me. I guess you don’t have 9 months left to plan that one… (diamond geezer)

If only I had 9 months. And a time machine. And close relations with your dad.

105: Scarily, I Googled it and got this link: One of which involves shooting something. Hmmm. I think your list will be nicer! (SophieW)

I can certainly do my version of that list. Will try.

106: I think the plastic boat idea has legs (if that’s not a contradiction in terms). But its not very interactive or 360 degree-thingy, so.. Buy the cheapest GPS tracker you can find (flaw #1: probably not cheap) – it needs to send the position back at regular intervals like on ‘Spooks’ – affix it to the boat, and then one of us can produce a trendy ‘Google mash-up’ so everyone can follow the boat on its epic journey. If it lasts for more than 30 minutes without sinking (flaw #2) there’s probably a book deal and a radio series in it for you. Or at the very least paint the website address on the side of the thing in case its finder can be bothered to trace the vessel’s origin. Sorry, but I do have an urge to ruin ‘lovely’ ideas with unnecessary technology. (William T)

Um. I think you said it all. Quite literally.

107: Thirty different dance classes? Lots of fun, but possibly a bit tiring… (Eloise)

Quite tiring, yes. And also, to be dull, time time time. Boooo.

108: Thirty ships (little red boats) in thirty bottles? No? (William T)


109: Eloise and William T – is that thirty messages/ships per bottle, and thirty of those bottles? Because 900 messages/ships is rather a lot. (Liam)

Right. Working on this. Because if I dont, youre clearly all going to pout or something.

110: Eat a cheese and chocolate sandwich (Clare)

One of my favourite kinds of sandwich, as it happens. Done and done, a dozen hundred times over.

111: Do a podcast of yourself singing your favourite song (Clare)

Ok. Maybe.

112: Start a worm farm in your garden (Clare

Not going to happen.

113: Gain an ounce a day in weight (Clare)

Yeah, RIGHT! Because Ive spent the last year running about and eating healthy dull things in order to blow it all in the last month. Also, since my unspoken plan is to get as light as have ever remembered being by birthday, this is contrary to it.

114: Dye your hair pink (Clare)

Ok. One hair: pink. Which one?

115: Get a tattoo (Clare)

A popular suggestion. Entirely possible, if I can only decide what I want…

116: Climb the highest peak in England (Sca Fell, Lake District – it’s not very difficult, been up it several times meself, although I guess you may already have done this) (Clare)

No. I dont know if I have already. But no, no time. And also, not big hillwalkinger.

117: Swim a width underwater (Clare)

Wah, swimming pool Wah, swimming costume in public. Wah wah wah.

118: Do some weird dangerous sport (hang-gliding, bungee jumping, whatever) (Clare)

Is Hot Air Blooning a sport?

119: Go on a helicopter ride (Clare)

Too expensive. The only person I know who can drive a helicopter lives in Canada or something stupid.

120: Write a love poem to the internet (Clare)

I may.

121: Something for charity (Clare)

Hm. I can interpret this very creatively. So yes, not a problem.

122: Do a good deed every day (Clare)

Cant interpret THAT creatively, sadly. So no.

123: Give a small inexpensive present to a random stranger every day (Clare)

Aw. Thats very like the thing above, isnt it? And equally unlikely. Seeing as many of the strangers I see are people on the train who I have to see again, and again, and again, this is an idea that breaks all commuter etiquette. And I couldnt possibly do that…

124: Give away a home-made candle to a different blogreader every day (I know you have tons of spare home-made candles) (Clare)

I havent! Ive barely got five left, I think! Need to make more! Need more hot wax!

125: Link to a different Favourite Blog every day (Clare)

Too late for that, but I can certainly make a list of 30…

126: Or… find a brand new blog what you have never read before every day, and link to it. (Clare)

I can make a list of thirty of those too, probably.

127: Read the first page only of 30 books from your own bookshelves wot you’ve never got round to reading, then compose a poem made of the 30 First Words. Then pick your favourite, and read it all the way through. (Clare)

Hm. I may.It is a nice idea. Very creative. Very Clare.

128: Buy something in a sex shop (Clare)

Ooooh, I have a post about this one, and how I failed to do it.

129: Go with your beloved to one of those seedy red-light cinemas (Clare)

No fucking way. Just the idea of the insanitary nature of the textiles in those places makes me want to quite literally vomit. Serious.

130: Fill your wellies with jelly and wear them to the beach (Clare)

No wellies, sadly, else this would be a shoe-in, obv.

131: Go on a donkey ride (Clare)

You know, Ive recently refused to go on horses, camels and elephants, fearing I would be too heavy and hurt them. As mental as that probably is, it makes the whole Donkey thing very unlikely indeed. In fact, completely out the window.

132: Go and visit Anthony Gormley’s sculptures on Crosby beach (Clare)

Love to see them, sadly wont before birthday. Boooooo.

133: Fly a kite from the top of a tall building (Clare)

You are trying to kill me, yes? This is not kind birthday present thing. Boo.

134: Learn how to walk on stilts (Clare)

I can walk on bucket stilts! This counts! Yay! I have done this!

135: Buy a spacehopper and bounce the length of Brighton beach.

No. It is very very long. I would be sick. Everywhere.

136: Knit yourself a toast rack (Clare)

Well now youre just being silly.

Right. So. Now I have done my compulsive completist thing, I will get on with actually DOING things. Huzzah!