I am still not here

But I will be maybe tomorrow hopefully.

But in the meantime, here are some places that I actually am.

I am describing my visit to the launch a Sex Museum (of which more on this site at later date)

I am tearing into Natasha Bedingfields new video, in the persona of, erm, Natasha Bedingfield.

And tonight, later, I will be joyfully yet utterly pointlessly cataloguing the real-time events of a television programme, as usual for a Wednesday night. Well, not *utterly* pointlessly, apparently its quite a good recap. And some people seem to like it, though most (I think) only read the comments, which is fine, because the commenters are extremely funny.

(And to any of them who have migrated over here, hello. Im not saying nice things about you just because youre here, almost certainly)

Tomorrow I will be badgering away at a keyboard for the first couple of hours, before stopping and having a bank holiday weekend two weeks late, yay.

And what do you do with time off? Why, you blog. Obv. Oh, and maybe drink some. And maybe go to some cricket.
Still not here.