Postcards from the wedge

Which was, as it happens, a mis-typed title, but I like it so much it can stay.

I am not really here. I am just here to say that I am

a) not really here but
b) contrary to possible popular opinion, not dead
c) having a really cunty first-half-of-week
d) very well aware that Im supposed to be in the middle of a project building up to my birthday
e) planning to catch up with blogging duties on Thursday, which is
ei) After the big deadlines that I am currently living under have passed
eii) The beginning of my exciting postponed bank holiday weekend yay.
f) Going to the launch of a Sex Museum tonight which wont provide blogging material sadly, as it is for work. But it may provide the opportunity to cross another couple of things off my Birthday Challenge List. Maybe. And thus provide covert blogging material.
g) staring at a To Do list as long as the A6.
h) Tired and a bit fuzzy-headed.
i) Sorry for not blogging enough and hoping thats not going to impact on everyones willingness to buy me presents (have I blazenly publicised my wishlist, yet? Well, I will – hang about long enough, I will)
j) Currently giggling at some Aussie TV show.
k) Getting excited because we might finally get our home internet connection tomorrow.
l) Realising this has been sitting on draft for a very long time while I have been too runny-about to publish it.


Anyway. I am not here. I will be here later in the week, but I am decidedly NOT here now.
And I am not dead.
And I am lots of other things see above.