Challenge Anna (the thirtieth birthday countdown): Challenge One

But whats the difference between That slip and This slip?
I dont know. That one has boxes on it, though
Yes. But I dont know if boxes make it More or Less confusing

Wed already walked past the bookies twice, once having needed to get some kind of cash, once because we were just too scared. Now we were standing, coughing, at a counter in a smoky betting shop, filled with old men, flashing machines, television screens showing the programmes I flick past and walls lined with the newspaper pages I use for cleaning the windows, unread.

This, right. THIS seems to be a Grand National special betting slip.
Yes, but its only got tick boxes for iddy biddy bets.
Maybe thats a sign?
Yes, maybe it is. Maybe this big blank one for BIG bets is what the sign is indicating!

So Ive never bet on a sport before. Ive never been in a betting shop. Ive never watched a horserace with any kind of vested interest.

And, coming up to my 30th birthday, Im trying to do things Ive never ever done…

Adrian in the comments of Challenge Anna said I should place a bet, in a bookies. I mentioned that I liked the idea, and that the Grand National was coming up. AndyB said that I should place something on Horse No.30, Naughton Brook.

And in my head, that became the plan for Challenge One. Except that I added a proviso that it should be enough money to make some difference, won or lost.

Maybe £30 is too much. Maybe I should just put three quid on, maybe?
But thats not the point. It has to be enough to HURT
Well, it DOES bloody hurt.

I checked the chart on the wall, brightly coloured shirts and silly names and numbers agaist numbers and numbers. Read the predictions. Sighed, heavily.

30. That one. Horse number 30. To win.

I said, to the lady behind the counter.

Sorry, Im not sure I put the right thing on the slip. But its Horse number thirty, please. Thirty pounds, on horse number 30. Nono, not each way. Just to win. Yes. Silver Birch, is it?

Ladies and gentlemen, Im suddenly getting a good feeling about the number 30.