Shit, Im turning 30 – the plan (part 1)

All right, I havent actually formulated the plan, yet.

But Im going to look at all the suggestions below (Im rather taken by Laura, by the way, who not only got married for her 30th birthday but seems to be planning on getting married to celebrate every big birthday thereafter) and formulate a plan later. Keep adding suggestions. Whimsical things with boats are looking popular, and are likely. As are whimsical things with multiple sexual partners, which arent.

In the meantime, something that concerned me this morning. I weighed myself, which is not a rare occurance, but not daily, and discovered I am now less weight than all the other times I have done the weighing, which is good (yay), and provides false optimism for my unspeakably unrealistic target-30th-birthday plan.

HOWEVER. I then put on my bra, and for reasons that I cannot now remember, weighed myself a second time. And discovered myself to be ALMOST a WHOLE LB heavier.

Is this normal? I cannot imagine it is.

It therefore means one of two things:

1) My scales are shonky. Boo.

b) That penchant for lead-lined underwear is where Ive been going wrong all these years.