On the subject of freshwater creatures eating human flesh

There have been two stories in the last few days that to my mind are very similar, but to which other peoples reaction has been markedly different.

There was a photo story today, for example, about a man who got his hand bitten off by a crocodile (NB: do not click link if you do not particularly wish to see a crocodile with bitten-off hand in gob).

Now the general reaction to this image, and my reaction, obviously, was Euw. I do not like that image. Euw euw.

Which is natural, because the rational human does not much want to look at human flesh getting munched by scaly monsters.

And that was my reaction of course, when faced with a picture of some small fish chewing on the dead skin of an adult extremity (NB: do not click link if you do not want to see small cute fish swimming in bath around someones feet)

Now, the reaction to most people around me to THAT picture was Oh! That looks nice, I would like that, it would be tickly, isn;t that cute.


It is, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, EXACTLY The Same Thing.

Crocodile chewy hand? Bad. Fish chewy feet? Also bad

And clipping your nails on public transport. And picking skin off your feet and putting it in a small pile on the coffee table. Thats also the same. And bad. And wrong.

I rest my case.