Challenge Anna

AKA: A potentially really stupid idea for which I need your help

So Ive been trying to think of some kind of build up project to my birthday, because its the kind of thing I like doing in theory, and also ensures that everyone knows I have A Birthday Coming Up.

Its my thirtieth as well, and not that Im panicking, or anything – if you dont count staring at some annoying stjoodents in the pub quiz the other night and lamenting that Oh GOD Ill Never Be Young Again – but the thirtieth seems like the kind of birthday to which one ought to build up to. Through ones blog, I think. Which of course has a wishlist on, handily.

So Ive been asking around for possible ideas of projects, and time is running out, because surely, if Im going to do something, I have to start tomorrow. It may have to be a collection of things. Meg suggested some 30 second videos and thirty word posts, which may be a part of it, but without internet access at home (STILL) I cant really countenance too hi-tech things right now


Mr Angry came up with an idea, which might work, or might not. But lets just ask. Hell, its the interweb. Its 2.0. Its intermajactive and everything.

Maybe if I were to ask you for suggestions for THINGS I SHOULD DO BEFORE IM THIRTY, you might come up with some things and I might pick some of them, or a lot of them, or maybe thirty of them and try – god knows when, and if not I can always make it up or use it as inspiration for something – to do and record the doing of them in the next month, starting tomorrow.

Bear in mind, they cant involve extensive travel – seeing the pyramids not really an option right now -, or large chunks of time – childbirth is probably out the window, then (not literally, that would be Wrong)-, or huge amounts of money – unless youre going to be providing it.

But beyond that, I dont know – they could be little whimsical things, or other things, experiences, movies I should really have seen by now, or books I should have read, things I should get out in the open (NB: Not Tits) or write about in general or lists of things I should tick off or, or, or, you know, or anything, really.

So please, be kind – but help me.

For the upcoming month, a theme of THINGS I SHOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE I TURN THIRTY

Ladeez and gentlefolk, over to you.
Suggestions, please?