Pieces, Bits and. (Im in)

It was one of the main things people commented upon when I said I was moving house, or those who remembered last time, anyway.

Well make sure you get your internet connected up quicker this time!

Of course we havent. A cock-up by BT, a lost order on Virgins side, a technical fault, a cooling off period, a complete lack of communication and almost five weeks later, and we still havent got an internet connection at home.

Which makes blogging a chore, answering emails unlikely (apologies if I owe you mail, this is why) and the type of relaxed and winsome Live-blogged-TV events I do for not-actually-my-job-kind-of-work occasionally a complete pain in the lady-bollocks. Picture me, waving the laptop around over my head, trying to pick up a signal, any signal, from anywhere, cursing, throwing things around the room, shouting – and all the while trying to watch the thing Im supposed to be documenting and then tapping out some calm and hopefully witty comments on it. Its just great.

So there. Ive told you. Thats why Im a bit quiet. Because Virgin and BT are ganging up on me to make my life a living tummy-ache, and I hate them all.


In other news

My favourite word today is twang, and I keep saying it over and over and over again.

Other favourite words today include: