Unique* book-buying opportunity – ONLY through little.red.boat**

*Not neccesarily unique

**Not only through little.red.boat. At all.

I have rarely been so excited. Seriously.

LOOK! Its a bloody BOOK! Look! Lookit! LookitBOOK! WOOO! WOOOO! etc!

Shaggy Blog StoriesIts a book. Its extremely funny, its a huge collaborative affair, Im in it (which is fucking exciting in itself, thankyouverymuch), its got a fantastic Lucy Pepper designed cover, and its been produced in just SEVEN days.

Since Marvellous Mike first mentioned the idea in the middle of last week, and said, what do you think, Anna? And I said that I thought he was crazy, and that it would never work. But as is usually the case, I was completely wrong. And by the diligence, incredible hard work, passion and organisational powers of Michael and his little team of helper monkeys (of which I was priveleged to be just one), heres the proof. Though Ive just been over there and ordered a good many copies, I havent actually read the whole thing yet – but ive read half of it (Very Hard) and have to tell you that I laughed.

I laughed, I laughed out loud on the train, I laughed so much that I kept annoying my Beloved by poking him awake and saying Hey! Read THIS one!

And if you would like the same experience – well, then you cant have it, unless youre sleeping with my Beloved, which I dont recommend, as Ill be there too, and I snore. And its a bit weird. The concept, I mean, not Anyway – then you should go over HERE to Lulu.com (or through the url http://www.shaggyblogstories.co.uk (which is the link you should link to)(and you really should be linking to it) and buy the book.


1) Its funny. Its really fucking funny.
2) Youll find posts from your favourite bloggers, and brand new posts from people youve never heard of but will want to go and read immediately.
3) Its all for charity. Apart from the printing costs, no one to my knowledge is making anything out of this. ALL profits are going to Comic Relief. No one on the editorial side is taking a single penny of it, and Lulu.com (the internet publishy people) have announced they too will be donating their cut to Comic Relief.
4) Its funny. Really, it is. And Im in it yay.
5) Yes, Im hearing objections and yes, you *could* just give ten pounds to charity and then the whole ten pounds would go to charity which is better for the charity etc. But you wouldnt have a book as well, would you? and books are great.

And thats it, really.

Oh, and if youve come over here thinking you were going to find the post that was included in the book – dont be silly! What would be the point of buying the book, then? (Apart from it being a great way to donate money to charity AND get a really funny book) – I will only say that it may (or may not) be one of these.

And now to go and studiously ignore Comic Relief as usual.

(Well, apart from tonight, when Ill be covering it live for work) (Huzzah) (Oh, where theyll be sponsoring per comment, so, you know, almost worth registering with GU blogs and keeping me company for)