Waving from under a pile of paper

– On the train this morning, there were a group of women who, all getting on at different stops, were evidently long term associates, and all going somewhere together. Each new woman joining the throng was welcomed with a comment on her outfit, haircut, tan or weight.

Having become not a little obsessed with matters of weight recently, I had never realised how much people talk about these things, having tried hard as hard as I could NOT to get involved in those kind of conversations in the slightest.

One of them got on and was complimented on how healthy she was looking. This can mean either fatter or thinner depending on the tone.

Yeah, I lost loads of weight.

They all cooed and ahhed. This was impressive, I thought. I wondered what she looked like before. Loads of weight I generally understand to be between two and four stone, which IS impressive indeed.

And then I went away for the weekend and put it all back on again

Christ ALIVE, where did she go? Bathing in the great fat-lakes of Bavaria? Was she potholing in a mountain of chocolate, with only her hands and teeth to make her way through?

Yes, the weight-loss was impressive.

But my God, that weekend must have been AMAZING.


Im sorry the post below is really boring, as mentioned by a couple of people. Im having a really quite hairy week at work, freelance work, a couple of other things going on at the same time and then a little reading, proofing, editing, rating and things for a certain fabulous project and, given a tired hour in which to try and get some content for the blog together on the train, I took an old story and wrote it up in a really very dull, overwritten manner. Apologies.


Theres someone Im trying not to have a meeting with, and every time they wander the floor, I quite literally hide under my desk. Is this the proper proffessional way of conducting business? Yes. I think so.


For those who care even vaguely about the deconstruction of videos/defilement of the memory of the Rat Pack in the person of RAy Bloody Quinn, child star and non-winner of last years X-Factor (Im guessing Ive lost all but about 2 of you) my latest video deconstruction column thing is here.


My beloved and I are in Marie Claire this month. Do not buy it specially, as it costs several pounds and is mainly adverts for silly trousers. It is a nice thing, but I sound a bit like a big needy loony. He sounds like knight on white charger. He loves this.
Loves it.


I will be back with other (short) things later on, for I have been terribly bad value for money these last few weeks. Sorry. I will try and reinstate Photo Phursday, if I can bury my way out of this mountain of paper. If only it were a mountain of chocolate instead.
Some fat ladies have all the fun.