Tiredness (in numbers)

Number of glasses I wear for VDU use (work only): 2 (well, one pair, so 1)

Time work glasses realised lost: 18.58

Number of colleagues still on desk: 0

Number of minutes spent looking for work glasses: 23

Number of desks searched for glasses: 11

Number of locked cupboards opened, closed and relocked in hunt for glasses: 3

Number of emails sent to close colleagues requesting their alertness to the possibility of stray glasses in area: 1

Number of colleagues cced in email: 17

Number of times top of head patted to check for glasses in normal resting place: 497

Number of trains missed in panic to find lost glasses: 2

Visits to the bathroom to avoid big teary panic over lost glasses: 1

Number of pairs of glasses discovered, via medium of bathroom mirror, to have been on face the entire time:


This is the point, of course, at which a cleverer blogger would have made a large and complex equation taking all the factors into account, and all equalling tired. Number of formula that I should be putting here: 1
Number I will be putting here: 0

Because I would have done that: but cant, as I gave up maths as soon as I was legally able to.
Oh, why didnt I listen when they said algebra was going to come in useful one day?

Well, probably because in all those years, this is the first time it has. And it hasnt, even then.
Even now? Then? Now?
Now, then.

Also I wont be doing the complicated formula thing because I am tired.
You may be able to tell.